Endorsed Democratic candidates

This is an important primary to ensure that Democratic candidates make it onto the fall ballot. A write in campaign is on for Democratic county council candidates.

We are still actively searching for 5 write in candidates for Marple Newtown School Board, 1 Newtown Supervisor, and Marple Commissioner candidates in the first,

third and seventh ward. The following are our Democratic Party endorsed candidates for the May 19th primary.

                     Marple 5th Ward Commissioner-                                 Pennsyvania Supreme Court-                             Judge of the Court of Common Pleas       

                   Harry Cade                                                                      David Wecht                                                   Lawrence G. Demarco

                                                                                                                                     Kevin M. Dougherty                                     Larry Abel

                     Newtown Supervisor-                                                      Christine Donahue                                           Anthony D. Scanlon

                   Claude Falcone

                                                                                                                                      Judge of the Superior Court

                     Delaware County Council-                                              Todd Egan                                     

                   Sharon Booker

                   Christine Reuther

                   Richard WomackTh

The 2015 General election is November 3rd

Your vote determines the course of the election.  Please come out to vote.

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Working Hard For You

The Marple Newtown Democratic Party welcomes you. We are committed to improving the quality of life in our communities. We are a growing political party and welcome you to join us. Visit our Contact page to sign up for our email newsletter.

Claude Falcone for Newtown Supervisor.

Supervisors need to do a better job.

         Paving our torn up roads.

         Picking up recycling materials every  week, not twice a month.

           Promoting traffic flow by setting traffic lights.

          Planning further growth.   

         Preserving  our history through a historic structure ordinance.

         Protecting older trees from clear cutting.

         Putting residents interests before contractors.

         Putting up a new bridge on Gradyville Road, 3 and a half years is too long.

         We deserve better township government. 

Vote for Democratic candidate Claude Falcone for  Newtown  Supervisor.

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