Marple Newtown Democratic Committee


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We are expanding and need dedicated people who care about our future.  Use the "Contact Us" button to get started.  This is a great way to meet like minded people in your neighborhood

Dear Fellow Democrats,

We all are rocked by the insane rantings of President Donald Trump. Pat Toomey talks about jailing abortion doctors and lies about gun control. Our former Congressman, Pat Meehan, pretended like he's a moderate then voted with the extreme right in bringing us a terrible tax bill.

When it comes down to it, Republicans always hurt the working man. But, we also face a local Republican party that still tells people that they have to register Republican or be treated like second-class citizens. You can make a difference in Marple and Newtown Townships. Our local Democratic Committee is in need of funds for the upcoming  2019 elections.

Your dollars have bought election materials, yard signs, advertising, and supported great candidates in the past.  This committee has attempted to support candidates like never before. We are out in the community setting up registration and information booths. We are creating a proud Democratic brand and not pretending to be watered down Republicans.

We need your help to break the stranglehold of the local Republican Party. We need to be a viable opposition party, and you can help do that through your contribution. Unfortunately, winning elections costs thousands of dollars. It also takes hard work in knocking on doors, phone banking, registering new voters and distributing absentee ballots. You can make a change in your own backyard by considering our committee as the building block to a strong Democratic Party. We need volunteers to man the polls and work greeter shifts on election-day. Greeters are critical in handing out sample ballots that show who the Democrats are in cross-filed elections. Greeters show that our fellow Democratic voters are not alone in a sea of Republicans. With enough election-day manpower, we can work strike lists and get out hesitant voters with last-minute appeals.

By contributing to our committee, you are contributing to the health of our local democracy. The nuts and bolts of local life are determined by who is running the school board, the Marple Board of Commissioners and the Newtown Board of Supervisors. We need strong candidates and your support to make a difference. Making a contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more can help us in our effort to make Marple and Newtown better places to live. Checks can be made payable to the Marple Newtown Democratic Committee, or you can go onto our web page and press the contribute icon.

Thank you for your past and future support,

Claude Falcone
Marple Newtown Democratic Committee